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Welcome to FishMinocqua.com

I have been fishing the Minocqua, Lakeland area since moving here in 1977.

 I began my guiding as a member of the guide staff for Tommy's Fishing Adventures.  
Belonging to Tommy's organization gave me constant input of information about what lakes, baits and fish are most active, as well as enabling us to handle groups that require multiple boats and guides.  Since Tommy's passing I continue to work with a number of the old guide staff.  This helps me sharing knowledge and enables me to handle large groups.

The Minocqua area has 100's of lakes that are home to largemouth bass, smallmouth bass, walleye, northern pike and the King of freshwater; the Musky, both true and hybrid.  I fish all of these spiecies with many days producing a mixed bag.
When you spend a day on the water in my boat I will strive to put you onto fish, as well as explain the structure and why we are using the techniques and bait for the species we are fishing at that time of year.  I enjoy all kinds of groups with many being husband and wife or outings with children.  I enjoy fishing with children which allows me to teach them the basics of fishing and possibly watching them catch their first game fish.
You will fish some of the most beautiful and pristine lakes in the world, surrounded by natural highland forests.  Take a few minutes from fishing to relax and enjoy a passing loon, an eagle soaring overhead or the occasional deer, otter or other wildlife that we share the area with.